You are a top IT Professional.  You expect the best from yourself, and from the companies you work with.  We will exceed your expectations, helping you hit your full potential.
Work with the Best, leave the Rest
  • Are you a top IT professional, always setting and clearing very high bars for yourself?
  • Do you find yourself considering new opportunities with some of the Great companies and newest technologies?
  • Are you tired of companies that don't listen, don't understand, and try to put square pegs into round holes? 




You have found a true partner in Zenyx. We won't sell you a position that doesn't fit your experience, motivations, and career trajectory. We will LISTEN, ask hard questions, get to understand YOU from a skills and personality perspective. We present to you only projects that push your career forward, and since we do our homework understanding our client companies, teams, projects, and needs, the projects that we present to you will hit the mark and grab your interest.


Let's work together to find your next great project!

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